The Evolution of the SCQ

Compassion Research Lab

January 13, 2022

How was the SCQ Developed?

In this short video you will learn about the decade of original research and systematic reviews that informed the Sinclair Compassion Questionnaire (SCQ).

The evolution of SCQ began at the bedside by first engaging patients in their understanding and experiences of compassion generating the Patient Compassion Model. The Compassion Research Lab then went to the other side of the bedrail to understand the perspectives of healthcare providers, to validate the domains of compassion and their relationship to one another, refining our empirical model of compassion in the process.

Finally, we developed the questions, the question stem, and response scale of the SCQ in accordance with strict measure development guidelines, verifying them with international subject matter experts and patient advisors every step of the way.

The SCQ is the most comprehensive and rigorous compassion scale available.

The result, the SCQ is the most comprehensive and rigorous compassion scale available.

The SCQ...Measuring What Matters!

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*** Illustrations, design and video production courtesy of Luca Li Digital Design

**** Funding for this study was provided by a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Project Grant (PJT148543)

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