The Sinclair Compassion Questionnaire (SCQ)

Dr. Shane Sinclair

May 26, 2022

After four years of rigorous psychometric testing, we are proud to unveil the SCQ, a new patient reported compassion scale that promises to be the new ‘gold standard’ compassion measure. Judge for yourself and assess the evidence reported in our SCQ manuscript which has now been published in BMJ open access.  The SCQ is freely available in English, French, Mandarin, and Spanish at, where you will also find adapted versions of the SCQ, which are built on the same evidence-based foundation as the SCQ, are clinically ready and relevant, and are currently undergoing additional validity and reliability testing. Be sure to check out the SCQ-i, which when paired with the SCQ, assesses individualized patient preferences for compassion, allowing healthcare providers and organizations to tailor the compassion they deliver in a personalized manner.  The SCQ, measuring what matters!

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