Compassion Short: Human Relating--Seeing and Being Seen as a Fellow Human Being

Dr. Shane Sinclair

June 28, 2021

In this third Compassion Short we enter the relational space where the recipient of compassion—a person in suffering and a person responding to suffering--meet in vulnerability and shared humanity.

Here you will meet Bashir, a keep to the facts surgeon, who discovers that compassion flourishes not only when he engages patients and families as fellow human beings but when he himself is willing to share his own humanity.

In doings so, we learn that while compassion is never about us, it can’t happen without us—it’s human-to-human caring.

- Free Open Access to the original Pediatric Compassion Model research article, can be downloaded from

- Illustrations and videography courtesy of Luca Li Digital Design

- Funding for this study was provided by C17 Research Council in partnership with Childhood Cancer Canada

- Visit the Compassion Research Lab at

- To learn or obtain the Sinclair Compassion Questionnaire (SCQ) visit

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