Compassion Shorts: a series of interactive, illustrated, educational videos on the components and power of compassion

Compassion Research Lab

June 25, 2021

In this beautifully animated series of Shorts, the Compassion Research Lab reveals the heart of compassion from the perspective of kids, their parents and their healthcare providers.  In these videos you will be introduced to some of the characters in the Compassion Research Lab along with a model of compassion, illustrating the key components of compassion and how they fit together. Whether you are a healthcare provider caring for those in suffering, a teacher looking for ways to teach students about the importance of compassion, or you know all too well the power of compassion in providing healing in the midst of personal suffering—these evidence informed videos will help you to not only understand compassion but to put it into action in your everyday life.


- Free Open Access to the original Pediatric Compassion Model research article, can be downloaded from

- Illustrations and videography courtesy of Luca Li Digital Design

- Funding for this study was provided by C17 Research Council in partnership with Childhood Cancer Canada

- Visit the Compassion Research Lab at

- To learn or obtain the Sinclair Compassion Questionnaire (SCQ) visit

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