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Why Research Compassion?

01 / why

Most people agree compassion is the foundation of healthcare. However, as the healthcare system has modernized, compassion is often treated as a relic to be referenced rather than a catalyst for transformation. The research is clear, compassion overcomes obstacles that even the best health tech, virtual care, app or robotic advancement cannot surmount.

Simply stated - compassion matters.

Compassion has been shown to improve


Healthier patients with less symptom burden and improved quality of life.


High-quality, comprehensive care at reduced costs

Healthcare Provider

Reduce burnout and increase workplace well-being

The Patient

Increase satisfaction, reduce complaints, and enhance healthcare experiences

Quality of
Clinical Care

Better treatment efficacy, patient engagement, and clinical acumen

Healthcare System

Transforming care from the bedside to the boardroom

The Compassion Measure

More compassion, better care. Stronger patient outcomes. Learn more about the new gold standard compassion measure--the Sinclair Compassion Questionnaire (SCQ).

Visit the Sinclair Compassion Questionnaire website

The Evidence for Compassion

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Featured Publication!

The Sinclair Compassion Questionnaire (SCQ): The development and validation of a patient-Reported measure of compassion

A robust and rigorous scale to measure and improve compassion

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03 / Research

Information overload! The literature on compassion is expansive, encompassing religion, history, culture, philanthropy, and more. This presents a challenge when synthesizing the diverse information and turning it into useable knowledge that is also applicable to healthcare settings. The Compassion Research Lab is your trusted source for evidence-based research on the topic of compassion.

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