Podcast: The Art and Science of Compassion--A Conversation on Compassion

Compassion Research Lab

January 17, 2024

Compassion is recognized as a central thread of humanity by scientists and spiritual leaders alike but what is the essence of compassion? Can compassion be both scientifically and meaningfully measured? What is the impact of compassion on both recipients and those who provide it? Is compassion fatigue a myth or a reality?

In this national radio interview, Dr. Sinclair provides an accessible, plain language, and user-friendly overview of the evidence based on his numerous systematic reviews of the research literature and award-winning original research in the Compassion Research Lab—an international research centre that seeks to critically appraise, honour, and enhance the power of compassion. This conversation on compassion, weaves in storytelling from those providing compassion on the frontlines, humour, and challenges us to re-evaluate some of the commonly held beliefs related to compassion.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the conversation: The Art and Science of Compassion--A Conversation on Compassion

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