Compassion Short: Finale--The Full Transformative Effect of Compassion

Dr. Shane Sinclair

July 19, 2021

In this final video in our series of Compassion Shorts Dr. Sinclair summarizes each of the key components, that together, make compassion--compassion. We learn that compassion is often found in the in-between moments, in the recesses of routine care, in the way care is given, in genuinely caring for the person and not simply the patient. It involves walking alongside a person in suffering and going the extra mile, transforming ordinary care into extraordinary care in the process. It is beneficial first and foremost to the person experiencing suffering, but it also has an enduring positive impact on those individuals providing compassion--it brings out the best in us and others.

Compassion is also radical and rebellious. It involves bending, and sometimes breaking rules, especially when policy and procedures get in the way of people.

Compassion is a beneficent response that seeks to address the suffering and needs of a person and their family through relational understanding, shared humanity, and action.

- Free Open Access to the original Pediatric Compassion Model research article, can be downloaded from

- Illustrations and videography courtesy of Luca Li Digital Design

- Funding for this study was provided by C17Research Council in partnership with Childhood Cancer Canada

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