Compassion Short: Attending to Needs--The Quintessential Marker & Outcome of Compassion

Dr. Shane Sinclair

July 13, 2021

A desire to help, good intentions, thoughts, well wishes, and prayers each play an important role in this world and in the flow of compassion, but without action, compassion is not compassion. In this video, we learn about the quintessential marker and outcome of compassion, attending to a persons needs by responding in the moment, through both little acts of kindness, and extraordinary acts that go above and beyond the call of duty.  

Jaya and her family had been living with her chronic illness for almost five years when something happens that will change the course of their lives forever. While this unexpected event was monumental in and of itself, the proactive response of those caring for Jaya and her family at the time, will have an enduring impact that extends well beyond this critical event, the call of duty, or the job descriptions of her healthcare providers.

Compassion is not about expressing niceties, cultivating compassionate feelings, or chronic kindness--compassion requires sweat equity on our parts, a willingness to disadvantage ourselves for the advantage of others, and the courage to break rules and societal structures when they get in the way--Compassion IS Action!

- Free Open Access to the original Pediatric Compassion Model research article, can be downloaded from

- Illustrations and videography courtesy of Luca Li Digital Design

- Funding for this study was provided by C17 Research Council in partnership with Childhood Cancer Canada

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