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November 30, 2020

For most of us this will not look like the holiday season we are used to. Whether you celebrate Christmas, or simply enjoy the statutory holidays, if this is usually your time to visit with friends or plan a vacation - it will be a different time of year. Many of us are sufferring through many losses, grief and sorrow-filled moments. We know that one of the powers of compassion is the abiilty to recognize your own sufferring and in that way, see the sufferring in another - and though that - there is the opportunity for compassion.

We could all use a little bit of compassion this hoilday season, however sometimes it's hard to know where to start. So the Compassion Research Lab has come up with a 31 day calendar to keep the focus on what's really important this season - each other. Some of the key domains of compassion are: human relating, seeking to understand, virtuous responses and attending to needs. So the days correspond to activities that are rooted in those foundations. Compassion has recieved a most passive name over time, a reputation for being soft and gentle. Compassion is wild and ruthless - it's going above and beyond, breaking the rules and being absolutely tenacious - that's why we've given you some 'wildcard' days to let your compassionate self run wild this month.

Click here for the free download. Share this with your family, friends and anyone that is looking to keep their spirits high and focused on what we can do this holiday - it just may not be what we're used to and that's okay.

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Happy Holidays from the Compassion Research Lab

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